We’re a group of machine learning researchers and annotators working to improve and augment
machine intelligence.

After facing numerous challenges working with various data annotation companies firsthand, we decided to start a data company grounded in the machine learning processes of fast-moving teams. Our services are significantly cheaper than most other annotation companies, primarily since we directly train, screen, and onboard our annotators (no intermediaries = cost-savings, which we pass onto you, our customer). This also means that we have much better control over the quality of the annotations and individual annotators. We are also extremely flexible on the tools, software, and annotation suite — you get to decide them! This extends to the training process as well: we will work with you on crafting the annotation guidelines that increase consistency and reduce discrepancies. We currently provide a variety of services: transcription, translation, image segmentation, video analysis, text classification, and so on, across multiple media (images, text, audio, video, lidar) and various industries (healthcare, finance, retail, sports, transportation, etc.). We take the security and privacy of the data very seriously, and we can comply with any of your policies and protocols. Even better, we've created secure processes in the past where data doesn't have to leave your servers.

The above advantages extend beyond the initial data labeling tasks. We also work with machine learning teams on identifying edge cases and adversarial examples to increase robustness, in collecting additional data or even creating synthetic data to ensure representative data distribution, and in auditing the data and models to guarantee fairness and reliable performance in the wild. Finally, we've got your back during the real-world deployment, where we can help monitor machine learning systems in production for accuracy drops, intervene as required, and respond to complicated or ambiguous cases.

We are your hitloop = humans in the loop across the machine learning process, from training to validation to deployment. We'd love to work with you! Please sign up using the form below.

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